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What did u write in your bio on Facebook? Theres a new edit thing on facebook check it ouyt

It social network don't like me, I don't use and don't have account in Facebook, you mistaken, dear

Can people get married after seeing each other a few months or there's no need to rush?

In this world ? may be anything! But my opinion about it can't be badly

Do you like rollercoasters?

Ролековые коньки ? Да были когда-то ,кайф есть свой в этом катании ,но надоело потом

What are you drinking usually during walking?

Actually I don't love drink water ? in the moment be walked somewhere. It may be in cafe or house.

Почему так много людей выкладывают в соцсети фотографии своей еды и тренировок?

Видят в этом смысл своей жизни это святое!

How would you like to be remembered??

Depending on whose memory. I don't see you anonymous. In any case My presence in your live the best time of your life

What are your favorite nighttime activities? (Late night drives, bonfires, walks, etc.)

Да да все люблю


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