Ask @apasonian:

What's your WHY?

محمد ابوبکر صدیق گورایہ
I’m waiting for a miracle to see your glimpse again
That sun ray sparking direct on your face
And the whole other world turned black
It was like there’s just you and me staring at eachother
And that spark on your face and the sudden tears on mine
Those 5 secs, and my world stopped that time
Do you even know how am I living?
I started to hung with other just to erase your memory
I wasn’t able to sane my insanity
That moment I wasn’t even able to move or do anything to come to you
Tho i wanted to run towards you and escape this world with you
But you left leaving me alone in this coldness
Left me weeping alone. Why? But why?
We were supposed to do this all together
We were supposed to go through this together
You were supposed to be with me
I’m nothing without you
Babe I love you
Why nothing happens to me?
Having heart ache, sudden body shakes, Mind quakes
Still I don’t even get any single space
Can’t even escape this world for a sec
But why? Why?

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