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Why do people change in the blink of an eye?

Because somewhere along the line, they lost who they were before.

How to give hint to your crush that you like him/her?

Start by giving them a lot of attentions but don't over do it. It can get annoying if you over do it. But as a start, start by giving them a good morning text or a goodnight text, something like that. Let them know that they're the first thing that you're think of every morning or the last think you think of every night. Next, carry on getting to know them and care about them in every way :)
Goodluck beautiful soul xoxo

I wanna apply for my MASTER but i dont know what course to study 🤔 Any suggestion ? 😌

Depends on your interest, ask yourself back what do you like to do and have faith that you plans would work perfectly :)

Why are so many people depressed nowadays?

Can't seem to answer this, maybe because i'm feeling blue myself this past few weeks :/

Kalau gemuk lawa tak

Everyone is beautiful, regardless of what size they are. Beauty is from within, not only looks. Yes, looks do catches the eye, but its the character that catches the heart :)

Who are agree that if you had a problem.You just keep it to yourself because people surrounding are too judgemental.If you agree with this statement.Answer my shoutout

Depends actually, not everyone are like that but its true some people will judge you. What about talk to your best friends or family instead, surely they wont judge you :)

Macam mana nak ajar orang cara nak jaga hati kita?

You can tell them nicely actually, express to them how you feel or what you dislike. Hopefully they'll understand and jaga hati kita balik :)


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