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When you get married, separate or joint bank account?

Separate, can't let my girl know I'm buying all these only fans accounts😂😂. But nah separate for real since we both came into this with separate accounts. If she wants we could create a new account that's joint but still keep our main accounts to ourselves.
When you get married separate or joint bank account

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Does being nice/kind get you ANYWHERE in this world?

It gives you the opportunity to see ppl for who they are. They'll either take advantage of your kindness or they'll genuinely stick around and fuck with you for the vibes

What side of the bed do you like to sleep on? Mine is the right side. 😁

I sleep in thr middle and move towards the left

Unpopular opinion: impossible to contain this virus so why not just give up,let it spread. 80% of people will be fine. other 20%: older ppl/unhealthy ppl, just try to stay home a lot,be careful. If you shut down schools, ppl can't work, 100% of ppl suffer, causes so many problems! What do u think??

Yolo ass opinion. My job had us do sort of a single question questionnaire with 3 options: get the vaccine, get tested weekly, or quit the job. Me personally, I don't plan on getting the vaccine anytime soon. There's data showing ppl with vaccinations still getting covid and with the new variant they're talking about getting the 2 shots plus a booster like what @.@ I'm good. I'll stick with the checkups if I have to. But as far as everyone not taking precautions to slow/stop the spread I'm against that. Wearing a mask and being 6ft apart won't potentially harm me plus that seems to be helping other countries. Also if you're cool with just letting kill of the older/unhealthy ppl aren't your parents and grandparents at risk or am I tripping. My mom got the vaccine and she's 57. If I had covid I still wouldn't go around her just to be safe.

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Don't you sometimes wish you could go back in time and undo stuff, not meet certain ppl who end up being awful? Sigh... PEOPLE ARE POISON.

kate4882’s Profile PhotoKate N
If I could go back in time I'd stop myself from buying my dad these really expensive shoes for his birthday and get him a bike instead. I don't even know if he still has them, I only saw him wear them 1 time shortly after I bought them.
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What was the flavor of the last pack of chewing gummy bought

Sheeesh. I haven't bought gum since what, 2014/2015. It was probably some flavor of 5 gum

What are you going to do tomorrow?

Figure out how to turn regular emeralds into the ones sonic use to go super saiyan
What are you going to do tomorrow


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