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Aلi Haسan°
just a few days ago i thought i would never be happy again, but today i'm feeling better. i smiled for the first time in weeks, and i meant it. dark thoughts weren't running around in my mind and i wasn't feeling negative or lost, or completely incapable. in fact, i felt okay. and this made me realize a lot. like how healing isn't always straightforward, but it's definitely a journey, one that takes u through so many bends in life that u almost feel like you'll never make it, but somehow u do. bcz today i sense it, i guess what i'm trying to say is that there isn't a fixed point at which u 'see the light' or 'come out the other side' there are just a succession of moments where, in hindsight, u see urself getting stronger, better nd happier.

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mojo jojo
"but you r waiting for someone,
who's not looking back at you,
and whilst you're mentioning them in every prayer,
they're searching for u in others,
but you're not wrong for loving this way,
because you'll be the same person they'll come back to,
and it will be too late,
but you'll need to forgive and let them go because,
not everyone will be worth living inside a soul like yours"

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