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Do people not realize that these questions are sent to multiple people? Don't be so self centered not everything is about you.

Yea it's jus fun to see reactions of others lol

What do you do if you know somebody is lying but don’t have proof? They deleted the proof before you could SS

From which site or app not all were deleted Reddit had some and a few others I looked at

Don’t get it twisted. If you text me. I’ll reply out of courtesy. That’s it, nothing more nothing lesss

So no fuckin damn u can't I get it fake ass mfs and scary foos can man let me release this anger the way it should be released

You do know in order to be friends we have to communicate right?

Well I'll msg u no fighting let me fight u with my dick I promise

Have you ever deactivated an ASP FM account to hide from somebody. I have done it.

Can't hide from the truth run go ahead

I fight with temptation and self discipline only the most high can help and forgive me

You don't fight it u give in to it cuz u like that weird shit and you gain joy and pleasure hurting others but I can't expose yo ass for treating me And doing me how u did but I'll show mercy again just don't keep running that mouth of urs

Leave my friend alone she knows she need professional help

I'll pray for her still she is spiteful and just a horrible person inside and I saw her real colors her whole world revolves around sex and her thrill she gets from thinking of her weird ass incest past smh she fooled me but I saw it all

How you don't love me but get butterflies. Do get them with anyone else be honest?

Idk I guess I'll find out soon I'm not doing it out of spite but u moved on long ago with many so I feel I can to now and don't post ur vids online anymore it can eventually come to light and all will see including fam

Way too many guys in my inbox, berating me for stuff someone else did. Seek therapy.

Don't need it you do tho so talk to ya therapist and fix you mind plz before you lose it all and bring everyone with u on ur fall

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You can have all mine

So can they.. so na I'll find a true one who can have the same if they worthy and ready until then working on me still

What even is this app??

You have so many and different accounts it's hard keeping up with lies and being fake huh I don't have that problem

Have you ever loved someone?

I thought so but it wasn't love I guess idk what it was but I do love still tbh


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