How was the interview process when applying for a job at Unity? What language did you use in interview and some of most important areas someone should learn if he wants to be graphic programmer, thanks in advance sir

When I joined the company was in a very different position than it is now :) I was hired at end of 2005, the company was 3 people. I actually got an email from them, asking whether I want to join (they knew my name from the blog I had, and also the ODE physics engine mailing list).
To which I -- obviously -- declined! I mean, this was a company I've never heard about, making an engine I've never heard about, with a fairly weird website, and the engine was Mac-only at the time, and being in Eastern Europe I've never *seen* a Mac before (this was 2005, Macs were not hip yet). The whole thing looked somewhat between shady and naive and improbable.
But, they invited me to a gamejam they were organizing in the office and bought me a plane ticket. So I got there, and the founders looked both smart & good kind of crazy, and I thought that this still has like 1% chance of getting anywhere, but at least it would be fun while it lasts. I had a fairly boring job at the time doing regular databases/websites programming; this contributed too.
The actual "interview" was that gamejam. Me & CTO (Joachim) basically pair-programmed everything for the game. I did some modifications to Unity itself that we needed (this was Unity 1.1, which basically had almost no features to begin with :)). This was mostly C++ programming, and I knew C++ before (having worked professionally for 5 years with it, and some more time at home before that).
I started by doing the Unity Web Player browser plugin for Windows (this was a task that someone needed to do, and while I knew nothing about plugins, I knew more about Windows than the other people in the company). And only later started specializing more towards graphics programming.
These days interview for graphics programmers at Unity mostly looks for graphics (realtime or offline; some graphics APIs; GPUs; graphics algorithms) and C++ knowledge. Right now it's a "programming challenge" (write C++ program that solves a stated problem at your own home/pace) that gets evaluated, followed by a phone/skype interview with one or two people, followed by onsite interview with more people. I wrote about some of the interview questions I've used in the past
But really depends on the exact position. Sometimes we are looking for senior people with lots of existing experience (e.g. to be a technical lead of some graphics sub-team), sometimes we are looking for less experience.
About what to learn: "just start doing graphics and learn everything you run into" I guess is not a terribly useful answer, but really that's the guideline :) Learn typical graphics algorithms (read books), shader programming, some 3D API, use some existing engine/toolset, learn C++ or some other systems-level language (Rust, Go, Swift), learn some higher level language (C#, Python, JS), learn how GPUs work etc. etc.

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