Hey Aras, I was wondering if there's any more information available on Unity CommandBuffers, other than that single blog post and documentation? I'm trying to use the command buffers with individual Lights and not have much luck with the output. I want "clip" parts of a few lights.

So the per-light command buffers are invoked before or after light shadow map rendering (and as such, their functionality is fairly limited; and mostly targeted at "I want to render custom stuff into the shadowmap" use cases).
Not sure what you mean by "clip a part of the light" (artificially "bound" their influence?), but I don't think you can easily do that with command buffers. In forward rendering, you'd have to change the code that actually does lighting directly in the shader; and in deferred shading you'd probably want to implement a "custom light type" that draws your light volume instead of a built-in light volume.

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