Hi, Aras? Thank you for your work. I have a question about GLSL. I need to build Ogre with this library, but shared. I recompiled the package with the flag -fPIK but cmake not see these libs, even though I made a symbolic link, and run ldconfig. Please tell me how I can do glsl optimizer shared.

I'll assume you want to integrate glsl-optimizer into Ogre...
However, since you're talking about -fPIK and cmake, I'll also assume this is about a platform that I know nothing about (Linux by chance?). So, uhh... no idea. I know how to build things on Windows and macOS, but Linux I have zero knowledge about. glsl-optimizer itself is just bunch of C++ code that needs to be compiled, without any special things done for it. So "whatever Linux people do to build dynamic libraries on Linux" is the best answer I can give :)

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