Hi Aras, since somebody asked about Volumetric Clouds. Do you happen to know of any good real-time approaches that is capable of rendering clouds from afar as well as up close? Looking for a solution where I have a vehicle on the ground that could jump up to the sky and fly through clouds.

Elvar Orn Unnthorsson

Nothing comes to mind right now, but I have not been following that area.

My guess is that "flying through clouds" and "clouds in the distance" likely need somewhat different systems/approaches for rendering.

"The Real-time Volumetric Cloudscapes of Horizon: Zero Dawn" from http://advances.realtimerendering.com/s2015/index.html I remember being fairly interesting, but I forget whether they handled "flying through clouds" case.

"A Novel Sampling Algorithm for Fast and Stable Real-Time Volume Rendering" from the same siggraph course might be useful for cloud rendering part too.

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