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I'm once again going to be miserable on chaand raat and eid because I have nobody to show my excitement, outfit, chooriyan and pictures to :( sorry but i feel extremely single on special occasions where having a boyfriend would be nice 🙂

princess567l’s Profile PhotoMiss universe 2024
Same bro 😪😂

i dont belive in love and i dont even want to get married but a boy is waiting for 5 years for my response although he has choice lkn mughe ese lagta hai shadi ke bad sab pyar muhabat khtm hojata hai i just want to leave this country but deeo down i love him what should i do

Shadi kr lo bhn , na bol k pachtany sy bhtr han bol k pachtana hai 😐

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Do you ever sacrifice your sleep just to talk to someone?

Many times. Sunnay prtay hain bro rony sb k 😪

You just want attention, you don't want my heart

I think paying attention is much better than having someone's heart 🤔🤔

Kisi bohat bary dushmn se bdla kesy lia jaye? Num leak kr k yan aisa hi kuch any suggestions

Kuch kahy baghair muaf kr do ye...

Give people the chance to explain themselves instead of assuming things on your own. Start from today. If you think something about someone then present your idea to the concerned person/party and ask them to explain. 🙂 Negativity is easy but positivity requires consistency and compromises.

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They won't explain 🤐

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