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What does romance mean to you?

Sardar Ijlal
Quite a question for a not-so-romantic person like me. But maybe reading books together and talking about the characters, watching sunsets, counting stars, sharing silence, staring at the other person while smiling like an idiot, baking cupcakes together and be amazed at how their eye color changes under sunlight or how their pupils dilate out of affection when they look at you.

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And what about those who lack morality?

Sardar Ijlal
As I said, it's learned as well. People have reasons why they are the way they are. Learned behavior is what occurs from experience, trial and error and observations. So those lacking morality, might have had experiences that shaped them so. Or maybe they were raised in such an environment, so they are well adapted to lack of morals and think it's normal.

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Suggest a good song?

I am not much of a music listener but do have a confined taste. I've long boycotted Bollywood because after all what India has been doing to us, the least I can do is not benefit them that way so here's a list:
I like listening to oldies:
Can't help falling in love with you by Elvis Presley. (The cover by Yaroslav Karpuk is also stunning)
Can't take my eyes off you by Frank Sinatra.
I'm a fool to want you by Frank Sinatra.
Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra.
Silsilay torr gya woh by Noor Jahan.
Humko kis k gham ne mara by Ghulam Ali.
For not so old:

I can't make you love me by Dave Thomas.
Young dumb and broke by Khalid.
I miss you, I'm sorry by Gracie Abrams.
Another love by Tom O'Dell.
Like strangers do by AJ Mitchell.
Unloving you by Alex Aiono.
If the world was ending by JP Saxe, Julia Michaels.
Habibi by Tamino.
Dil lagayen by Ali Sethi.
Aj Jane ki zid na kro by Ali Sethi.
Your sweater by Cole.
I'm not what you want by James Arthur.
Say you won't let go by James Arthur.
Rewrite the stars by James Arthur.
I'll wait by Sasha Salon.
Got you on my mind by NF.
Surface Sunday best.
Say something by Christina Aguilera.
I lost a friend by Finneas.
Can we kiss forever by kina.
What if I told you by Ali Gatie.

Just the way you are by Bruno Mars.

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