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Does Ariana wear contact lenses?

Yes. Sometimes she's wearing her glasses though

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does Ariana come in Italy in the next months??

There aren't any tour dates anounced yet but I bet she will on her next world tour!

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When Ariana record a new song?

She is still working on her new album right now.

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didn't she live in florida ?

She was born there, yes. But she moved to LA a long time ago.

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lol in your bio it says that she no longer has ask she never did tho lol

oh I guess you're new in the fandom honey :-) she did have ask and she also tweeted it and talked about it in one of her live chats once.

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where does ari live

Los Angeles!

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her skype

What makes you think she would give out anything personal like skype, her phone number, address, etc? Of course she wouldn't, like any other celebrity either.

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Does ariana have ask ?


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[srta Cabello™.]


iTunes ~

Spotify ~

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Any new updates 😉💕

8 Days until Focus!

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do u know how much Arianas perfume will cost (in Australia) ?

It's something about $50, depends on what size you get. You can get it here:

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Does Ariana have visited borneo island?


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which shoes does she wear and where does she buy anything?

Her shoes are mostly from very expensive brands like Saint Laurent or Chanel but she is often seen wearing clothes from Topshop, Urban Outfitters, etc, which are affordable.

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What mascara does she use?

She barely uses mascara because she always wears fake lashes.

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What foundation she uses

She once said that she uses the RCMA foundation at home and her make-up artist uses a foundation by Nars or Smashbox.

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How many dogs does ariana have?💜🌙☁🐶🐶

As far as I know, she has 7 right now :-)
Coco, Toulouse, Ophelia, Fawkes, Cinnamon, Sirius and Strauss.

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what is the snapchat of Ariana please?


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Are you the real Ari?

No! Just a news/fan page.

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Please just tell me I don't want to do that

Tell you what?

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Pap! Your ex / crush / boyfriend /girlfriend

We'll be deleting any question that has nothing to do with Ariana or us.

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We're not plagiating anyone or anything. What are you even trying to say here?

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do u think that ariana will come to Spain again?

Of course!

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What's Ariana's first song?

It was 'Put your hearts up'

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What's the order of ariana's songs from the honeymoon tour?

Scroll down our answers before you ask something. Gosh.

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Follow me please?

You're anonymous?

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