Ask @ariannagrandde2019:

I love your music and you so so much I just wanna ask why did you leave acting on nickelodeon to do music full time? Do you still like to act? Cuz you were amazing as kat Valentine defo my favourite character btws.

aww ty cutie i love you to. the reason I left acting is because even when I was acting I knew music was my number one gaol it’s just something I always wanted to do and take seriously as a career path and as for acting i would love to start again but i don’t think my busy schedule with music would allow me to do that I think acting was a lot of fun and also gave me a advantage into the music industry as for victorious I loved acting in it was one of my favourite roles I’ve ever played and it was like a musical show so that made me want to go into music even more love u from ari🖤🖤

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Hi ariana grande what is your best bit about your music and career?

Chauntelle Coleman
that’s a tough question we’ll ever since i was younger i always knew i wanted to go music and the best part is probably when I’ve finished a new song hearing for the first time is amazing and the best thing thing about my career is probably that i get to work with so many amazing people and meet fans all the time and seeing what you cuties want to say 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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Hi Ari I have a question who inspires you the most when your singing and acting

my crew my fans friends and family if your a fan or if anyone who works with me is reading this your support is unreal i couldn’t ask for better people to be around because you guys inspire me to do this whole fame thing and i forever appreciate anyone who has been on this crazy road lately love everyone who is reading this right now love from ari 🖤🖤🖤

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