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Bukan fansnya 2ne1 sih, tp mendadak kepoin lagu mereka yg comeback home. Trus dengerin yg unplug version. Kok bagus sih. Sedih gitu. Terus liriknya gitu. Malah pada komen minzy comeback home pls. Duh sedih ya

iya sebenernya sedih sih soalnya minzy itu udah kayak paket lengkap ya nyanyi ngerap ngedance eh malah keluar yaudahlah ya ditunggu poto-poto mereka barbekyuan bareng di dispatch.

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Honest thought about me dongs eheheheheheheheh boleh yaaaa? Thanks in advance!

kay for your 911 i never been truly honest about people but here it goes:
you are a caring person.
you care about idols, it shows a lot when you put some information on chatroom, then you give your opinion.
you care about IFK member that's why you asked why somebody left.
you care about what people think about you, that's why you asked this question.
Thanks for asking ^^
PS: by the way you are hilarious, too and i'm pretty sure i already mention many times that your english skill is great.

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what if you are an alien? what kind of power that makes you different from human? what is your mission here? will you bring someone from earth to your homeplanet? describe me your planet.

1. If I were an alien, I would laugh like 'hih ngik hih ngik' instead of 'LOLS' (oh wait, i don't laugh LOLS)
2. my alien power would be transported everything including myself, in New York minute, in a flash, in a hearbeat; disguising myself as an ordinary human, and telekinetic oh yes i love telekinetic.
3. mission: do some research to fulfill my diploma. An alien should reach at least a PhD or something academical.
4. I will. But that one should keep it all zipped.
5. My planet would be full of hardworkers. It would be a monarchy, which was run by an alien monarch and his/her descendants in a row. Our planet wasn't as green as Earth, but we pretty well know how to live better than anybody on Earth. We had some supermarkets, but we use a banana leaf to load goodies instead of plastic bag.
Thanks a lot, Kay ^^

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