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What is more important - to be loved or to fall in love?

To be loved.

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If you had lots of money what would you do with it?

Idk hahaha huhu

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Knp takde bf?

Not ready yet

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What'd you do this weekend? PAP?

Buat kuih raya huhu huhu dowan la pap pap ni berhuhuhu

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Hi cutie pie, mind following back ka? hahahahahaha

Hi haha followed 😁

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haiiii awak


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Look in the mirror. What do you see?

pelikk kann haha


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knapa klw ak trnmpk ko d sklh ak malu ahhh rina tpi ak suka tngk ko haha

Pelik juga ko ni hahaha

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im too lazy rn haha

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ok laa . kau ada crush atau teda?

i dont have one.

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math or science ?


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kenal saya? hahaha

umm... no

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Happy Birthday gdis spek

thank you :))

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bila bday kau haa?

tomorrowwwww!!! heheheheh

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Are you stylish?

hai tantek

tantek tu apa hahaha

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ada bf ke?

dont have

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manadaaa... lawa ba


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Who is your Valentine?

Hye gdis spek hehe..

Gadis spek sounds weird tho xD

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