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Is there going to be a hc with Ian part 2 this year?(;

how should I know? school hasn't even started yet & plus he gets on my last nerve & on purpose too
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where are you I haven't seen you in weeks man

I've been in South Carolina, & then I go to Florida from there tomorrow

Hey, I just wanted to say that I hope ur doing alright

thanks whoever this is, im doing very well now & in a really good place(:

friends can always turn into something more

yeah well ive been friends with him since 5th grade & hes pretty much like a brother to me, meaning I find him annoying asf a lot, so bye. go annoy someone else please.

what about the guy in your profile picture?

Ian? hahaha no, good friend of mine, we went to homecoming together, thats all

ariyah? changing?? HAHAHAHAH you clearly don't know her lmaooo. just bc her and Andrew broke up doesn't mean she has changed bc she hasn't. I talk to her like every other day or so. don't say she's changed bc she hasn't! vv

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thank you! i loove you(:
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but you have an amazing personality, I dont want you to waste it over some stupid guy

you think im changing because of my ex? um no. Im tired of people using me, treating me like shit and hurting me. I was letting people walk all over me and im done. im changing because I want to.


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