Ask @arooba_khann:

The truth is that no one deserves your attention and care, you don't need to be upset about others. If they've chosen wrong for them, they must suffer the consequences. You can't help everyone. You should let them ruin themselves. Their cold and aggressive behavior show that they don't deserve you.

" Those who hurt
no one,
are often hurt
.... by life. "

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Someday, you'll receive the love, the respect and
the tranquility that you crave for.
Someday, your melancholic journey comprising of disregard, misery, burden of sins and agony shall cease.
Oh sorry honey, It's not what you think.
Perhaps my misinterpretation it is.
The day I've been depicting is the one when
you'd be distinctly cold, stiff and guilt-free;
The day when people would gather around a slab of stone inscribed with your name placed upon your grave.

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