Ask @aroojfatima1017:

Let me be honest, allow me to be vulnerable here and tell u the truth. I think you are beautiful not by looks but i also believe you are the woman a man can find his life in you. I believe u are the kind of woman about whom it was said, “uska hath tumhare kandhay par ha or woh tumhen girne nh de gi

Muhammad Salman
Ye superwoman wali abilities mje q nahi pata apni. Koi gir ra ho bacha lu g me? 🤣 but tbh you are really very good at giving compliments such ho na ho 🤣🤣🤣 I wish I become like this lol. Sounds good. :")

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+3 answers in: “Before I say a word I would want to stay for a while on your face can I ? 🌝”