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Perks of being your friend?

shoaib siddiqui
1 I will be a secret keeper , I keep things to myself so you can share whatever you want.
2 I am kind of introvert when in person but if we have got a common topic to discuss then we can just go on and on ..
3 I am in multiple fandoms ,so yeah you will never feel bored around me .. what if we have got same crushes!? Haha
4 For me friendship doesn't mean just to hangout , I will be there in your tough times.
5 I appreciate my friends for who they are ,no one can be perfect , you don't need to change yourself and yes I will do every possible thing to make you happy !!
6 It doesn't matter if we have lost contact of eachother , you will still be my friend
7 I usually share my deepest secrets with my friends , there's nothing to hide from them ..
8 I read a lot of fictions , play games so you can join me if you want?
9 I will understand your thoughts ,will share mine to
Yaar friends bas ban jaate hn , pta bhi nhe chltaaπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ’ž

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