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I thought y'all talked at one time nvmm :)

I had a thing for him a loonnng time ago, but were just friends!! Haha (:

Is your tweet about Olivia Madison El and Paige because you think they're so annoying?

Um I'm pretty sure I've never said all of them are annoying just one specific one.. So don't fucking tell me who I think is annoying or not. But no it was about a family member. Nice try though!!

Who would you say are the most well liked boys and girls in your grade?

Oh geeze that's kind of hard cause there are a lot of cool well liked people in my grade (: probs like livy, chodes, gare, cinco and them (((:

Do you like any of the soph girls?

I don't know many of them but yezzz I like em, most of them seem really sweet (:

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