Ask @arsal_11:

Ab dekha wo dusra answer thankyou thankyou Yes thats true but you know i am a good observer and good stalker too there is thats another thing that today i am not in mood to find out your fb account.But yes observation and stalking cant help you to know 100% of someone its just about the general info

Np. Yeah, Ik you are a good observer lol.
Okay, so best of Luck for general Info xD

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I guess thats because the way you defined yourself in bio i wanna know the rest of you that what kinda person you are and how you think in different perspectives*thats why i guess i stalk ya* Anyway so insta said you are an iba student,lucky you man! More power to you.

Np, keep stalking but social life and reality are 2 different things. I am sure you can't able to know the rest about me but it's ok. You got some nice interest. I appreciate that lol
Yup, IBA student. Thanks. Power back to you. 💪

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