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Ladybird666’s Profile PhotoAnsa
Intuition never lies, it knows when something is off. Trust what it tells you about the energy and signs you get from people and places. Your intuition is the best defense mechanism you have. It's there to protect you and to even guide you. Feel it. Listen to it. Trust it. Trust how people make you feel. Your gut knows who wants the best for you and who have bad intentions towards you.

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Your toxic trait?

I wasn't brave enough to actually own that I have faults too. In a sense you can say that I was naive. Unknowingly but a bit arrogant and selfish too but I had no damn idea that I am that person. No one ever told me because I've been one of those fortunate people who other's didn't want to lose. I've been loved and cherished by everyone. Even those who were in constant pain because of me. But they never told me that and those who tried, they've been shut. Until, some did. And this time I felt it. Which I hadn't for years and they managed to open my eyes. And I saw it. See our realizations of stuff means nothing if our actions doesn't back them up. So I decided to make things right. Even when I was years late. Because yes, I was wrong but it wasn't me. The real me. The Stuff I've done? I had no will in it. It was all unintentional. But that doesn't give justification. Had to take it up. So I've went to them and told them what they wanted to hear for years. Acknowledged my doing, accepted, apologized. For few I expected something in return but got to realized later that's not how it works. Well, There are few left who I’m yet to reach out. They probably won't even hear me but it'll be worth it. They deserve it.
So long story short, I've been working on my toxic trait and sooner or later I'll make it right.
I wish you all do too.

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Your toxic trait

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Share your favorite short motivational lines.

syedatooba102’s Profile PhotoTooba shah
Ask HIM for the impossible guys. Keep asking until it takes place. Now I know some would say "He got his things right and on place that's why he's being so optimistic" and I also know how some of you might react to this. I've been to your place, in your shoes. Trust me. And that's not even the case. I've probably lost more than i gained. Well, I didn't gain at all but I’m still at it. So, just don't stop. It'll happen. Even If It’s close to impossible.
Share your favorite short motivational lines

Are you selfish or the world ?

Dreamyst_’s Profile PhotoN.
We all are selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. we all make mistakes, get out of control, and at times hard to handle. Sometimes in life, you have to make a selfish decision and do what's best for you. Sometimes we learn late, and even the slightest of moments can teach us things that years of training couldn't. I've experienced, learned and seen stuff the past few months which I haven't my whole damn life. So being selfish isn't wrong in my eyes as long as you're not hurting souls to their limits. You are doing favor to the world and to yourself by surrounding in boundaries.

Eid Mubarakkkk ❤️

Ramsha_parachaa’s Profile PhotoRimnique
May Allah open the doors of happiness for you all and fulfill all your dreams. May you show gratitude to the divine light for all the wonderful things in your lives. But most of all, Eid is the time of year when you should amend your mistakes and forgive others mistakes. I hope you get the courage to listen to people who seek out to you and May Allah on this day grants you wisdom and kindness!
Eid Mubarak everyone.

Nowadays you are obsessed with?

nida555555’s Profile PhotoLost
Shukar. Found the fitting question finally. Since you've been obsessed with this song lately arslan and listening to it like crazy, here's a little treat for you. God knows what app this is youre using which i never heard off and it doesn't even let me record for more than 30 seconds. Khair, PUT A PASSWORD ON YOUR PHONE MAN FOR ffs. Btw it was sadia's idea to hack and do this little adventurous (i hope you you'll keep it 😢) and heyy as we got to know you never celebrated your birthday and this probably the last time you'll be with us before leaving (canada sucks btw) so we've planned a little something for you. So, see you around and put a password to your phone and stop using social media during office hours hehehehe. Byeeee.
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Ever felt yourself drifting apart from every single person? As if no one in the world understands you!?

afiyah_khan’s Profile PhotoAFIYAH
This won't sound good on my behalf but that's what I've been told by them. They said I failed to understand them. I made them to drift apart. log majority numbers main hote toh asar ziada na hota but few of them complained and they held the most weightage on the majority even them being in minority. I tried to make things better with them, apologized and acknowledged I was wrong but I guess I was too late and acceptance was the only way for me. For everyone out there who can feel me let me suggest you one thing, go and apologize, try, do it right now even if failure is certain. You will have to carry that burden around and it will kill you literally but it is the right thing to do. who knows you may able to make things better? and if not, ahsaas rahega tumhein that you at least tried. Because then you will realize that of all the people we might have hurt, the truth is we have hurt ourself the most, we owe ourselfan apology. But this feeling can't be felt until you make it happen. Growth is painful. Change is painful but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong.

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*دل کھول کر آج روئے ہم۔۔۔۔* *لے ڈوبی آج ہمیں تھکاوٹ صبر کی🙂💔*

bintulhuda4’s Profile PhotoNimra ch
If you still feel like crying when thinking back about certain memories, you have not fully processed them. Write down your thoughts, open up to someone about your feelings, then have a cry. That is how you process the memories. Keep crying as much as you want, as long as it's not for the wrong person. It's one of the worst things that can happen to you, "Crying for someone who doesn't deserve it." Crying is healing. And there's nothing shameful about it. It's a human emotion. Crying relieves your body from stress, anxiety, and toxic emotions. Helps you sleep better and boosts your immune system. Don't ever let them anyone to tell you it's a weakness.
The other day at office a colleague told me that if a certain thing happened I’d cry and I taunt her saying “ So at every bad thing that happens with you, you’ll cry?” and she said, “yes, if I need to, I’ll cry about everything. But then I’ll get up and do something about it”. And that’s how she shut me up. So the point is, crying is acceptance. it frees you from your own demons.

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I hope you end up with someone who plants calm love. Someone who acknowledges your feelings, listens to your explanations, and stays kind even after a misunderstanding.

rebelsierra’s Profile Photoروحِ من
And I hope you all don’t turn your back on what’s pure, gentle and loving within you. The real you. Abandoning the best parts of you because of what people have done to you isn’t worth it. Please do not change yourself and your good traits because you won't feel the same about people after you've healed.

Take a moment and thank Allah for all the problems you don’t have.

And May you all attract such people that understands you're a work in progress, but still adores the absolute fucking masterpiece that you already are. Be addicted to making yourself better. Never compare yourself to others. Be real, be you and Never, never ever lose your faith in your craetor.

So what's next? :')

sandi_1’s Profile Photoسندیہ نواز
These days, it takes enormous courage to face disagreements head on. Like expressing how we truly feel. Saying our honest opinion despite having an opposition and clearing the air and be authentic despite differences between us and others around us. But it’s all so worth it even when it’s painful. See emotional maturity leads the way to perfection. Or masle wahan hote hain when the other one doesn’t share the same emotional capacity/capabilities as yours. Things seem to go in vain then. Efforts go downside. Failure becomes the inevitable despite you trying to your absolute best. See how we feel and how we express our emotions are 2 very different things. They’re not same. How we express emotions can be a way we deepen relationships, but can also be a reason why problems deepen or arise. The key is to remember that we have a choice. And If we are not choosing well, not accepting realties or loss then please forgive yourself each night and start every morning with a plan to do better. Don't carry around any burden or pain. Let it all go. Then pick yourself up and rebuild from the ground. Rebuild every single core of your soul.

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Drop one most precious thing you have✨

humna_lodhi’s Profile PhotoHumna Lodhi
Took a day-off from office and travelling back home to surprise the birthday lady and the love of my life;
Happy birthday Maa! the woman who helped me to make all my aspirations possible. Well, the world always told me "Arslan, because you are the only child with no siblings that's why your mother loves you so damn much" but it takes a special and endearing kind of love to sacrifice everything for someone else and you did it for me Maa. I don’t know how you managed to do that. You are strong, beautiful, courageous, and wise. I hope you know that I love you so much. you deserve so much on your special day. I know you are getting older every year Maa but think on the bright side, you will at least always be younger than Dad so, it’s good to celebrate the little victories.
On a serious now, Maa my whole life you have always been there for me. There will never be enough words to convey how deeply grateful I am that I have a maa as wonderful as you, but I can start with “I love you so much”. You have given me with so much throughout my life. When I needed strength you gave me hope, when I needed help you gave me support, and when I needed even more you gave me endless, unconditional love. Every sinlgle time when your son was a mess, when his Iman and Faith got weakened, when the struggle of this world had a heavy toll on him and when everyone failed to get a hold on him, you found me. You always picked me up, opened my eyes, let me free from the darkness. You are my best friend. Maa I am leaving this country and i know it won’t be easy for you but you understood and supported me. I won’t be away from you for long. I’ll be back inshaAllah soon.
Again, Happy Birthday Mother,
Your son loves you.

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