Ask @arslanahmademo:

Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?

Depending on the situation, it is both!
Sometimes people cry to let out mental distress or hurt. It's not a weakness then, rather it empties a sorrowful heart to open up to good things. However if somebody persistently cry on their misfortunes, it won't help.It will make them weak because they will let everything around them affect negatively.

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Who do you like best RN: your Mom or Dad?

Parents have an unconditional love for their kids which cannot be compared with any kind of love.
But, when compared between the two of them, I think there's no one who can love you more than your MOM.
The sacrifices that she can make, the warmth in her love is simply priceless. She can even fight for you against anyone and stands as a wall when your dad scold you!
Dad's have their own way to love their kids. Their love is to earn for the family and see to all the financial needs being fulfilled.
But still, I guess, a mother's love is greatest love in the universe.

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do u want to be in a relationship ?

Who doesn't want to be in a relationship. But I'm still not worthy of being in a relationship. I'm still not able to fulfill my own dreams than how can i fulfill hers. I can't buy her clothes, shoes or food. I can't buy her anything. I still rely on my parents too much. The pocket money i get monthly is not enough to buy things for my own self. Then how would she be happy with me?
BTW if you are talking about relationships famous nowadays which are only limited to calls and texts then i can have 10 of them at a time. hahaha. I still wonder that how can you love a person you haven't met personally. Your parents don't know about it. you don't have freedom. I don't believe in that kind of relationships.
Yup i'll be when i would be worth of being in a relationship.

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What's difference between living and existing?

Living is about enjoying the present while existing is about surviving your past and worrying about your future.
When I was younger I refused to live and enjoy life because I had goals to achieve. Along the way I realized that I would always have things to achieve. I would like to say that I am "living" my life, but that is only partially true. Most week days are focused on "existing" so I can enjoy "living" on weekends and holidays.

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