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Could you be in a relationship wit someone in the porn industry or popular on onlyfans

Yeah they are making money and working with their bodies. It’s a profession and as long as they love me I’m fine with it

You don't exist to me until you show I exist to you I won't take the bs or treated like shit no more lol

Fair enough have day

Imagine meeting someone who wanted to learn your past not to punish you, but to understand how you needed to be loved

The dream

Should I message a guy I’ve liked since HS? We’ve both since graduated about 7 years ago. We don’t know each other really, but had some moments in HS. The only way I can contact him is through Venmo. Would that be too weird? We both don’t have any social media. He just seems like such a great guy.

Shoot your shot! or don’t I’m a rando on the internet.

Are you gonna reconcile whatever relationship/friendship/kinship you may have in bad standing right now or give it more time?


If everytime you and your ex reconnected it goes good, and then something happens and you no longer talk, would you continue the toxic cycle?

Nope not worth it


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