Ask @arthurcharvaka:

Hi Arthur, we just read your CV. It's gorgeous that you can profile thousands of people i seconds -also it seems not possible- So we'll try our chance with giving you a brief: Could you please give us some hints about Gamers in US?

Hello marketers :) I profiled 10.000 gamers for you. So here it is:
Other than gaming, they are mostly interested in Sports, Humour, Music, Science and Technology. A surprise; Rock music is the favorite music genre.
Most engaged TV Shows Genre of Gamers: Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, and Sci-Fi.
Rick and Morty, Walking Dead, Stranger Things, The Flash and Supernatural are the most engaged TV Shows.
They are not into Radio Channels a lot. So don't put your effort to Radios.
Their favorite news channels are CNN, CNN Breaking News and NY Times. They are engaging with the news channels on Wednesday, so put your media buying budget on Wednesday <3
Their favorite brand sectors are Electronic Items, Information and Communications Automotive, and Fastfood. Here are the favorite brands of Gamers: Xbox, PlayStation, Youtube, Nintendo, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Sony, Instagram, Apple, Nike, Tesla. Their favorite brands in Fastfood is Wendy's, Mc Donald's, Taco Bell and Burger King.
For most engaged Contents, Influencers, Celebrities, Political Parties and more, hire me :)

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We are an agency that you applied. Here is your brief: We would love to understand's consumers. What can you say to us? (You have 2 days.)

Ok, that's an easy one. The dominant male and female personas for Amazon are 24-35 years old. They are obviously interested in E-shopping. Other than that, they like technology, music (r&b, jazz, and blues mostly) and civil society -mostly health issues-. Favorite TV shows are Today News, Good Morning America, and Walking Dead. But the best matching TV Shows category is "Talk Shows" Their favorite brands are Netflix, Reese's (chocolate company) and Starbucks although their favorite brand category is E-Commerce. Other than, their favorite shops are Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Kohls. On the Celebrities Affinity, The Oscar goes to Ellen Degeneres, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jimmy Fallon. If I was Amazon, I'd be making my commercials with Lady Gaga, since she's the best matching celebrity in Musicians category for Amazon Community.
I made this research with 10.000 people in 30 seconds, just with reading the profiles of people who engaged with Amazon lately.
Nice to meet you too, guys.

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