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kerro luokkakavereistasi?

Minulla oli tosi kivoja luokkakavereita. Koulun jälkeisessä elämässä sainkin monta kertaa huomata, että kaikki eivät ole niin kivoja.
Parhaat kaverit olivat niitä, kenen kanssa pystyi juttelemaan tuntikaupalla syvällisistäkin jutuista, ja vaikka oltiin monesta jutusta eri mieltä, niin pääosin saatoimme väitellä riitelemättä. Jossain vaiheessa välitunnit kuluivat pitkälti metsässä kävellen ja ajatuksia vaihdellen.

Missä haluaisitte olla juuri nyt?

Tykittelemässä siistejä kitarajuttuja 100w stäkillä huvin vuoksi. Mukaan voisin ottaa jotain hyvää ruokaa ja juomaa.

Onko elämällä vain yksi tarkoitus, vai vaihtuuko se koko ajan? Mikä on sinun elämäsi tarkoitus?

...vastaus suuriin kysymyksiin koskien elämää, Universumia ja kaikkeutta on 42...
Kysymyksen vastaus riippuu siitä kontekstista tai tasosta, jolla kysymys esitetään. Subjektiivinen ihmisen kokema merkityksellisyyden tunne ja sen aikaansaavat tekijät voivat vaihdella eri elämänvaiheissa. Aiheestahan voisi vaikka kirjoittaa kokonaisen kirjan, ja niin on epäilemättä jo monesti tehtykin.
Itse olen korkeamman harmonian palveluksessa.

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Jos hankkisit tänään tatuoinnin, minkälaisen ottaisit ja mihin?

Ottaisin jonkun luontoaiheisen, ehkä realistisen tai surrealistisen. Metamorfoosit ja sen sellaiset ovat kiehtovia. Ehkä sammakko, sudenkorento tms. Ei kampelaa kuitenkaan :'D Kysyisin tatuoijalta mihin hän sijoittaisi kuvan, kun idea on selvillä.

Where do you envision yourself living in the future?

When I get old, I'll move to a Earthship somewhere in the countryside.

Mikset seurustele netissä?

En ole aivan varma mitä kysymyksellä tarkalleen ottaen haetaan.
Yleensä en käytä aikaa nettikeskusteluihin, koska olen aika kiireinen ja jostain täytyy tinkiä. Joissain Facebook groupeissa olen käynyt pitkiäkin keskusteluja, ja niissä on osittain yleishyödyllinen pointti. Ask.fm tarjoaa mahdollisuuden pitää jonkinlaista FAQ palstaa, jossa ajatuksiini voi tutustua.
En ole kirjannut seurustelusuhdetilannettani esimerkiksi Facebookiin, koska sieltä ei löydy sopivaa vaihtoehtoa. Täytyisi olla "avoimessa polyamorisessa suhteessa yhden tai useamman henkilön kanssa" vaihtoehto, joka luultavasti kuvaisi tilannetta suurimmalla osalla ajanhetkistä.

Do you play any instruments?

Yup :D
Electric guitar is and will be the main thing in my life. Improvising is my main focus.
I can also play the cello pretty well as well as
some keyboard stuff.
If singing is considered an instrument I obviously can do that too, since I've been the lead singer of various projects, most notably www.vilecaliber.com. I tend to be skewed towards the more metallian end of the tone spectrum, and I like to keep it that way. Of course it's fun to do lighter stuff occasionally.
I might also survive pretty well as a bassist of some band with relatively easy bass arrangements.
I like to experiment and fool around with new instruments given the opportunity. I'll be taking some timpani and contrabassoon lessons during next few years, when the time is right.

If you could live on another planet, which would you choose?

Hawalius!!! Or Brequinda, it's past with wild dragons... Broop Kidron Thirteen could be interesting too, or Ursa Minor Beta and Eroticon VI, of course. I'd like to visit Allosimanius Syneca as well. Lamuella would be nice too.
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What do you do when you run out of inspiration?

Serafiron’s Profile PhotoSera
This is a tough one.
I think I'd describe it running out of steam rather than inspiration. I tend to work towards inspiring goals and do a lot of groundwork before I start the actual progress, so actually I work to boost inspiration before I begin, not when I ran out of it.
When I'm running out of steam, as I describe it, it feels a lot like running out of inspiration, because the flow, enthusiasm and inspiration are gone. Then creative process comes to a standstill, or the results are forced and clumsy.
Usually this is because the deadline is too close and I haven't had time to sleep enough. The best thing to do then is to eat a lot of high calorie foods, sleep as long as the body wants (without an alarm clock or another reason to wake up) and then finish the project in a sprint with caffeine and small snacks to keep the blood sugar levels consistent (I like grapes and ice tea). Usually I have to go with an attitude: "I will not rest until this is done", because I just spent 14 hours sleeping and the deadline was too close to begin with. If the deadline isn't close and project somewhat finished, I rarely run out of steam, because I can take care of sleeping as much as the body wants me to during the process (which I think is essential for sustaining creative processes).
Things that are not creative and don't need inspiration, can be done closer to personal limits, like exercises, recording and producing (if no improvisation or arrangement is not included), colouring already thought out images, checking for mistakes etc. When the process is just hard work, that requires the 99% that's perspiration rather than the 1% that's inspiration, I don't experience running out of steam, just normal tiredness that should be respected to maintain efficiency and avoiding burn out.
But with running out of creative steam the key factor is rest. Not just sleeping and eating: especially in longer projects mind needs to wind off in some other way, like a walk in the nature, immersion in a video game or meditation. Of course other requirements for inspiration must be met for the rest to be effective like enough reference and background material fed into the conscious and subconscious to act as building blocks and a mindset guided by enthusiasm and curiosity rather than fears and demands.

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Do you pick and choose your friends?

I think I'm going to that direction. I used to let things happen and relationships form at their own pace. Nowadays I'm so busy, that I really don't afford to meet just anybody time wise. I try to be reasonable, and accept invitations. But I've realized, that I can't be giving my few social free time hours for just anyone who asks.

To what extent is it possible to influence our own lives and to what extent are they (our lives) just a result of random things happening?

Without conscious choice our lives are just happening randomly. We react to stuff the first way that comes to mind, even if it's not good for us.
We are born without consciousness, and it slowly starts to creep in. In Tantra and Yoga (practices known for strengthening and expanding consciousness BTW) the loop of automatic responses is pictured using the concept of karma, and the only way out of this cycle of reaction is said to be conscious choice.
And I do agree with that!
If you think there are no options (in life, in anything at all), think again. Soon you'll find that there's another option. And then another. After 3-4 alternatives that you've figured out, they start to multiply effortlessly, if you are and stay open for going through different possible scenarios.
Consciousness tends to shut down often, like, all the time, but it will also re-ignite more often if you value it and exercise it.
And at some point it will become the dominant way of being.
At that point things change. Person then has a full control of his/her life. The things that have happened remain, of course, but the conscious direction we choose will influence every aspect of our life in a positive way. And we can leave behind the negative psychological effect our past has on us.
This will clear path for deep self-knowledge and self-realization, to really understand what we need, and what's good for us.
After we have this wisdom to guide us and our every day consciousness to work from, the positive change really starts to accumulate and gain momentum.
Some kind of a positive "law of attraction" -effect starts to work then also, even though I personally have some criticism about the concept. It's like selling books for people to hear what they want to hear, or what do you think? The effect is real, but it really isn't very simple and the results of positive attraction can be really surprising, and not the ones you'd expect. It actually might be just that, with heightened and expanded consciousness, you are picking up the opportunities and things that would exist anyway, but aren't apparent to a person with a robotic mindset (robotic mindset = not conscious, but reactive and routine-focused).
The fruits of the cycle of growing consciousness.
Of course, sometimes, mostly because of strong emotions and experiences, consciousness still shuts down. But the more time you have spent conscious, the faster it comes back online again.
An interesting video about how consciousness about neuroplasticity, or neural-awareness, unlocks the potential to choose who you are, how you are, and improve your life and skills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbJCSG2BpD0Arti_Waine’s Video 129887433269 hbJCSG2BpD0Arti_Waine’s Video 129887433269 hbJCSG2BpD0
Towards the cycle of growing consciousness, off you go :)

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Arti_Waine’s Video 129887433269 hbJCSG2BpD0Arti_Waine’s Video 129887433269 hbJCSG2BpD0

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? PAP!

Pizza... Not very healthy to eat that all the time I guess :''D

What's the best dating advice you have?

Know yourself, and then, be yourself.
It's good to improve in life and strive to be the best version of oneself. But on a date it's better to relax. All the improving and try-harding equals changing the normal daily routine one little piece at a time, and this is the place to enjoy the fruits: you're on a date, so just relax and go with the flow.
I don't think that pretending to be someone else will do any good, because in the end, you want the other person to like you sincerely, because of real reasons. If the other falls in love with your player moves or some fictional character you are acting... nooot very good, is it?
One good thing is to set some standards, so that you don't just pick the first person out of desperation, but someone that really matches with you. And it's good not to have double standards: your requirements for the other one should be something you fulfill as well.
To know what's really good for you, you have to first know yourself.
People tend to want things like kids want Christmas presents. And then they forget about them, just to want the next thing. Don't be like that: level up!
Towards self-knowledge :)
A helpful website that gets you thinking: http://www.lifehack.org/

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Ass or Titties?

Haha :D What a question. A classic in a way x)
Well, actually I like the inner curve of a thigh in a female body more than these two basics. But(t)! If I had to choose, it'd be titties. I don't care about shape or size, though. Actually less can be more with tits and ass, to a certain extent, even though I'm usually with Yngwie: "more is more".
Seriously, the body type really isn't the first thing, when I'm (subconsciously) deciding who's sexy. Way, way more important is that one is OK with her(/his) body, and the kind of a vibe a person sends (is it positive or negative). The body type, and details about ass and tits, come somewhere on the list, but they clearly aren't as important. I mean, you might have no tits at all, and still be smoking hot!
It's a shame that so many people with all sorts of gorgeous bodies are still insecure about their appearance, because of unrealistic beauty standards He-Man, Barbie and Photoshop present these days. Getting over the fears would boost their appearance (and charisma) levels exponentially.

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How do you decide what movie to watch?

I just don't have enough time to watch movies, though I like them. But I like other things more. Like recording some guitar tracks 5h straight x''D

What is your favorite place to eat?

I like to eat in a restaurant, where it's not too formal. I'd spend a lot of money in this, if I had excess income. Of course there's always a way to invest everything productively, but I value good food as an experience, and have usually no time or energy to cook it myself. At some point time becomes more valuable than money, and that's where I want to be: eating something delicious in a restaurant :D

What's your favorite music genre?

Progressive Metal, period. Also, if it's played by Guthrie Govan or Steve Vai, it must be good regardless of the genre ;) Everything in the Rock/Metal axis can be good if the chord progressions and solos are interesting and the production values are good enough. I like classical too, and the Symphonic Metal variants.

What would you ask the President?

I'd ask who his favorite composer is, if he wanted to be the president as a child (and also how long has he been working to become the President), and what he'd do after he's retired :) Maybe I'd ask him also what his most enlightening realization has been, and what events provoked it. I'd also like to know something about how being the President changes your perspective on the world, but I'm not sure how I'd formulate the question and not sure if that's something that can be answered without telling stuff that's none of my business to hear. I'd go with the flow :)

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