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Sorry if you've been asked this already, but what sparked your interest in drawing, and how did you come about finding your drawing style?

I've been exposed to anime/manga ever since I was 8 and I grew up with an older cousin who likes to draw, so we ended up spending our time drawing together. I also like the art styles in manga, so I tried to draw like one.
I didn't settle on my drawing style until this year, actually. I've been using a lot of coloring tutorials online and I eventually mixed them up together and come up with some that are comfortable to me. So experiment with a lot of styles and find the one that is comfortable with you!

Since it's pretty clear what your fave is, what's your SECOND favourite game/game series?

Suikoden II is my favorite game ever, but Suikoden is not really my favorite series. My 2nd fav game series would be the Zero Escape series. *points to own twitter handle*

What's your nerdiest habit that you try to hide from your friends?

lollipopdave’s Profile PhotoDavid Harris
Well if I tell you over here, it won't be a secret anymore wouldn't it? :p
If you're talking about irl friends, it would be that I *only* listen to anime and video games music :x

When was the last time you saw your senpai?

I think it was a couple of days before the last day of school (~2 months ago). He was about to do a presentation for a class and he was dressed nicely too... Of course I said good luck to him!

Is there a game that you weren't hyped about before E3, but you're hyped for now?

Definitely GI#FE. That's all I guess.

Biggest surprise/disappointment from E3?

Biggest surprise: FF7 Remake. Biggest disappointment: no presence of P5 during the conferences whatsoever.

wait i thought she was calling the other people asking questions boring, but maybe she wasnt. sorry sophia.

Why don't you just direct this to Sophia on twitter? Oh I guess you don't want your cover to be blown eh? :P


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