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What's new with you?❤?

These days I field-practise at a school for girls. I have been doing this for a week now and I have to go for another week before getting back to go every Sunday..
I love being a teacher a lot!
I really love the feeling that I really do something important! It's so exciting that I think about what I will do the next day when I meet my girls..
I feel that I actually have something to do for them, something to teach them, something that's much more important than just giving them an English lesson..
I hope I will always be in love with what I do. I hope I will never regard it as a job!
God helps ..

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هَل حصلْ لَك أن يَجرحك شَخص ويخذُلك ومازِلت تحبّه,ولِما👀؟

هو انا بحب كل الناس عادي، وحتى لو اتقفلت من حد بسبب كذا موقف واتضايقت منه،، مادام صفيت وفات وقت عادي برجع علاقتي بيه زي قبل كده عادي وزي الفل،، اصل انا لما بحب حد بيكون ع اساس الحلو اللي شايفاه فيه او تركيبة شخصيته وروحه بقا، والحجات اللي زي دي مبتتأثرش.. ف اللي هو ااه بحب الشخص وكل حاجه انما لأ برضو متعاملش معاه زي قبل كده او ااخد بالي بقا م التعامل، يكون بحرص يعني.

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