Ask @as3fkhan:

Something you wish wasn't true but it is?

'I lost my mother when i was very young. I always tried to please my step mother but I dont know why she never tolerated my shadow. She had beaten me alot, I used to stand silently the time she has beaten me, I cannot cry as she told me she would throw me outside of my house. After tolerating all these all these one day she threw me outside of my house. I cried loudly all night standing infront of the closed door, but not even my father came out to take me back. I came to this capital from my hometown. I used to roam all around the streets and sometimes used to eat from dustbins. One day I got this job the job of the sweeper. But the sad thing is, that everyone hates us, noone talked to us. Today i am very happy brother. Nobody ever took my photo, nobody ever wanted to know if i had something to share. When you will tell my story to people please tell them not to hate us. If we stop cleaning you will die. We are servant, we go into your rubbish, by becoming dirty we cleanse you, "Please donot look at us with hatered"
😣😣😰 i love you brother.... i'm with you 💓

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