Ask @ash0712:

Likers get// Tbh - Hey! First of all that Happy birthday thing on call was really embarassing😑😂 But you seeem to be a nice person..Our conversations have always been weird😂🙈

Heyy! It was a bit funny😂
I seem to be? I'm really very nice, okay?🙊😂
And the last conversation was not at all weird, for the first time we had something good to talk about🙈
And and we should talk more👯

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Tbh/- On the last day of boards i saw you about to get hit by a bike, but i guess it was nothing serious so i did not get down. I think you should take care and cross the roads. I know how exiting it is when exams get done, but you need to stay safe. And nice cover✌🏼️it would be great knowing you😁

I didn't see that bike so I just ran towards other side. Anyway thanks for the concern, I'll surely take extra care while crossing roads now🙈
And you have amazing photography skills mahn🙌
And I would love to know you too, talk maybe?🙊
P.S. Sorry for answering late.

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