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Is it normal to miss people even though they were toxic?

Unfortunately. I used to miss my ex, even though they made my anxiety spike and my self esteem, self worth take a nose dive. They were emotionally abusive and manipulative. It's not so much them we miss, but the "good times" or companionship that is lost. Don't ever settle for less than what you deserve. Don't ever let anyone make you feel less than worthy.

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Have you ever got covid

Once. I literally survived off Peanut butter M&Ms for a week, because everything else tasted awful. I had body aches for at least 3 days. I lost a lot of weight from it and have managed to keep it off, in a healthy manner. I went from 136 lbs, to now 110 lbs. (I'm also short, so 136 lbs was considered overweight).

Are you romantic ?

I can be? The idea of it is cute and sweet but not really something I'm interested in seeking out for myself.

Does anyone have a crush on you ?

Possibly. I'm oblivious to such, though I apparently have no idea the affect I have on others (so I've been told).

What’s the reason you’re smiling a lot lately?

Honestly? I'm learning and discovering more about myself. Which is a pretty good feeling.

What do u want from McDonald’s??

Either a Big Mac or two cheese burgers with extra ketchup and pickles, as well as a large fry and either Dr. Pepper or Sweet Tea with no ice... Also can we get an order of Wendy's chicken nuggets? Please?

Are you a honest person?

I'm a very honest person. I find money on the floor, I turn it in. Could I have used that money? Hell yeah, but I don't know the owner of that money's situation. They could be worse off than I am. So I ask around to anyone nearby the drop site if they dropped it. Are there chances they could lie and claim it as theirs? Absolutely, unfortunately, however that's their decision and I believe in karma. They take someone else's money, they'll get bit later on. If no one claims it, I'll take it, because instead of greedily pocketing it upon finding, I asked first. I did my part as a good, honest human being.
I try to be honest in what ever the situation is. If you got something stuck in your teeth, rather than let you unknowingly embarrass yourself in front of everyone you encounter, I'm going to tell you. Will you be a bit embarrassed? Maybe, but at least it's just me and I'm not letting you walk around with green stuff sticking out of your teeth, a booger making itself known or your fly down for all else to see and pick fun at when you're gone. It's acceptable if you're a child, not as a grown adult and people make their judgments and impressions within the first 7-30 seconds in appearance alone. People are quick to judge and think if you look like a child, you're probably immature or neglect your personal care. If you're cleaned up, clean teeth, look to be in order, you're responsible and mature. Then there are others who are great people but simply cognitively behind their age or neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD, etc) like myself who are a bit childish at times but are more than capable in completing adult tasks and understanding adult situations, but don't always think about their appearance in regards to an impression, simply because their brain works differently.
This was about honesty and I sort of answered the question but rambled off topic, lol. Sorry.

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What did your last relationship teach you?

A pretty face is sometimes just that. I've never gone on a blind date or dated someone without first being friends and knowing them a good while. I kind of jumped into it with my ex. They looked sweet but were incredibly toxic and my anxiety skyrocketed, my confidence took a hit too. Nothing I ever did was right or good enough. Very fake too, a chameleon. They didn't even know who they really were. I tried being their friend afterwards, didn't stop the abuse. Haven't had contact in a while but I sincerely hope they're getting what ever help they need, because they were not okay.

Straight, wavy or curly hair?

My hair is more wavy I think? I've kept it pretty short for years until I started growing it out last year, so I'm still figuring out where it stands now, as I started hormone treatments a few years back and it can change your hair type, since your genes are changing to fit the opposite gender assigned to you at birth. But I like to make it more curly, I scrunch it up and air dry it to make curls. It's still growing though, the rest isn't long enough to curl aside from the ends.
Straight wavy or curly hair
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What is your biggest life regret?

Not appreciating and telling my mother I loved her, as much as I should have before she died in 2016.
What is your biggest life regret
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If someone who loved you..wrote you a poem, how interested would u be in reading it??

I would be extremely interested in reading such. It's such a sweet gesture and they took the time to do it, thinking of you.
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What is the first thing you notice about a person?

HaylieCooler’s Profile PhotoHaylie
Their eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul. They hold emotion and can reveal so much more than just feeling or color. I used to be able to accurately read a person's past and what they wanted in the future by simply staring into their eyes.
Growing up, I'd just know things never disclosed to me about a person's past and it would earn me some odd looks and ridicule because at the time, I didn't understand that you can't just casually talk about or bring a person's past up, or a detail they never revealed to you. I haven't been able to do this again since high school. As a young child I didn't even know I was doing it.
What is the first thing you notice about a person
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