Ask @ashia_:

what is the most common misconception about love that you know? and how are you going to debunk it?

One misconception I can say that people have is longing to have someone so that they can feel and/or be complete. That idea right there is a straight DUB! You have to be whole in yourself and in God before you try to bring someone else in your life. If not you’ll have two incomplete people mad at each other because they can’t compensate for what each other lacks. People will NEVER be able to fill voids that only God can fill.
I would debunk it by just fully appreciate being by myself. Walking with God and allowing him to reveal parts of me that need to be perfected. Enduring the lonely moments because I know that this will only last a moment. And Also recognize that God is perfecting my future bae to be ready to find me as he is also preparing me to be ready to receive them.

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