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@John__Gardner likes causing drama. When someone tells him that he's a copier, he proves that he's not mature enough to admit his faults and responds with a failing insult. He copies a shit ton of clothing in his OOTD v2 group GIR. Pretends to be a "designer", judges people by their gender and age.

All I can say is..
Stop copying because it's not okay, it's clearly theft.
and I hope you do realise that you're causing drama too as you're spreading shit about someone you dislike over everyone's page to get their attention even though most of them do not care at all.
I do understand that anons are hypocrites who enjoy spreading pointless shit on our pages for fun but mind your own freaking business and leave us alone please.
As long as you spread shit about people, you will probably get blocked or most people will say "I don't care"
That means the answers you're getting aren't really interesting, so stop already. Honestly you people made a drama wall. It's getting boring day by day, I'm tired of answering this kind of questions and as of now, I will not! ;)

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Opinions on @piquariuss @pastelly_ @smilerpegasister @erikavoglis02 @sonyatho @itscamilayeet

I don't know much about piquarius.
carson is cool and he's a great designer.
sylvia is my very first and best friend!! ;)
I don't know much about erika either but I think she works at megax!
I don't know sonya but ive heard of her and she's vice president of unique as i rememeber.
i dont know much about camila again but she seems nice

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