Ask @ashleysuehittinger:

What is your zodiac sign ? Do you believe in the compatibility of horoscopes?

Virgo. I believe I make my own future and own decisions. The horoscope stuff is dumb

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Do you like being photographed? Go photo ❤

I hate being photographed knowingly. If you get a pic of me when I’m not paying attention and I look good, cool. But I hate knowing I’m getting photographed.

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How do you imagine your wedding? How would you like to perfom it?

I don’t imagine my wedding cuz who would wanna marry me.

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What water sports attract you? maybe water ski or board? what do you want to ride on?

Not interested in water sports. I don’t like the ocean or rivers or pools or lakes or anything

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Why do doctors have terrible handwriting?

Cuz they don’t have time to worry about penmanship. They have lives to save

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