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I just see you talking to guys idk there names

look I'm ashley's boyfriend an ashley dont talk to other guys an I trust her so im not worried about it so why are you? your not her damn boyfriend I am so keep your fucking nose out of our business kk.

well if she's sittening there laughing an talking to another guy that seems like flirting to me

shut the fuck up. I've said it before I don't flirt with no guys so stop.
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Okay first off I don't know who the hell you think you are. Like you aren't any better than her. She doesn't flirt with anybody else and there is no rule about you can't talk to other guys. It's petty that you have to be on anonymous. Why are you hating on her? Like what did she do to you? Nothing.

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thanks bbyyy.
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well ik she said one period idk or Care she said your always talkin to some guy an laughing an stuff

lol alright. well that's bullshit. I just said I don't talk to any guys.
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or mabey it was third I just remembered my friend telling me you got a boyfriend an talking to some guy during class

it wasn't third, I don't talk to like anybody in there lolol. I don't talk to any guys soo.
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well if you was so in love with him why do you talking to that one guy during 2nd

bahahaha. I'd like to know what guy I talk to in second period.


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