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Are you on Facebook ?


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I hope you never block me.

Pap of hip

I'm either dying my hair beach blonde or a very dark brown. Which should I do??

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Girl u cute pick u up l8r

Do you like heavily colored eyebrows?

I've had Halsey, Melanie Martinez and troye Sivan on repeat for the past 2 hours

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Are you 17?

I will be on July 4th

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You are too young to drink liquor.... stop!

Oh # well

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@ <3


You are still the loml I miss you

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If you ditched the emo thing you'd be hot

What emo thing

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I keep waitin for yous to post body posi pictures or at least a lil bit of cleavage but you don't fuck w it.😒

Not about that life anymore

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You're so boring

You're not wrong

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What's something you thought you would never try but you end up try it

Un fucking believable

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What would you do if you woke up to find yourself alone on Earth?

Trystan is a copy cat

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You talk like a trash can...

I am a trash can

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I'm coming to canada to see you

I don't live in Canada 🏼♀️

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Handsome x


Thank you dun dun

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Pap with makeup


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ur basketball team won the state championship?


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Go Thunderbirds


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why dont you like topeka?

It's boring

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where ever you live, its def a beautiful place bc youre there


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You should wear makeup

Nah I'm happy without it

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I used to live there

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Do you like Topeka ?


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