Ask @ashok_sah:

If you're a working professional, what did you buy for your family, friends and/or loved ones with your first pay? If any. Or, if you're a student, what would you like to buy for them in the future with your first pay?

Yes, I didn't buy anything for my family or friends from my first pay. The reason being my family is fortunately well off by god's grace and so does all my friends. By the way , I have a very limited friends who can't even fit in the thing called "friend circle". Well jokes apart.
Let's pull the cat out of the bag. I distributed a set of pencil box and some cash to underprivileged children.

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do you have a soulmate ?

The concept of soulmate is vague and A soul doesn't need a mate. Infact, your own body is your ultimate soulmate. Many people gonna come in your life and go from your life. What remains is memories and your own body.
The most trusted friend may betray you. The most beloved wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend may leave you, your parents may not support you always, your friend may leave you in your tough time. What remains intact is your body and the soul till you're alive.
The combination of your soul and your body is only constant thing in your life.
Do not seek happiness from others. Happiness is just the state of your mind. Train it well, feed it well and nourish it with noble thoughts.

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What are some things that make you really happy?

To make someone happy with our little efforts.
Most of you guys must be working in a firm. Everyday you enter your office and see the security Guard who stands at the Gate, house keeping staffs who cleans your workspace often greet you. And how many times have we responded them with smile ?
Quite a few time I guess. So, develop a habit of greeting them before they greet you and you would be elated when you see the satisfaction and smile on their face.
It only requires a little effort to be happy and to make someone happy.

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