Ask @ashtheteddybear:

so, my parents will never approve of my boyfriend... but we’re sticking together no matter what. & i don’t want to tell them that we are together, but i do. i don’t want to bc they will say no... what do u think?

if your parents don’t approve of him, it’s probably for good reason. love blinds your judgement which is why when my mom or any of my siblings has something to say i take into account what they’re saying and why they might think certain things about this person. if you want to tell your parents, you should because keeping a relationship a secret is unhealthy and not fun. Better they disapprove and know than they find out later that you had a secret boyfriend that you never told them about that they disapproved of.

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Tell me how to be happy ? Give me your opinion ✨💛

We all find different ways to find happy, find your own! Maybe you have a hobby that you’re super passionate about and you love it or there’s just something that makes you feel most alive. Be sure to give yourself daily affirmations telling yourself you are worth it, you are amazing etc. it may seem silly but after a while you really start to believe it

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what do i do to make myself happy ? plz advise

focus on yourself. a lot of times you look for happiness in other people and those that surround you but ultimately you are the only one that can dictate your life. remember that you are worth it and do something out of your comfort zone every day to grow as a person and feel more happy and independent

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