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Nees to ask you Do you usually listen to music loud?

synchronicity_’s Profile PhotoNathan
i don't usually listen to music loud, but i've got headphones on by listening to different kinds of music on spotify web player for free.

❓❗️ Top 3 books to read during illness?

1. Collector's Edition Archie 80 Anniversary JUMBO COMICS DIGEST

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We got this PLUTONIUM kinda love sh*t going on and I don't wanna f*ck that up...(Anyone heard this before?.) lol

martinflury’s Profile PhotoMarty
i don't think ask fm wouldn't allow Marty to swear.

Are you happy of who you are? Are you happy for your accomplishments? Are you happy for your soul? Do you feel loved enough?

get lost

1- favorite color? 2-favorite month of the year? + why? 3- favorite movie+ why? 4-favorite city in the world+why? :))

1. my fav color is the pride colours, 2. my fav month is june cause of Pride week for the lgbtqia2s+ people in edmonton alberta canada. 3. my fav movie is Orphan which is a Horror/thriller movie starring Isabelle Fuhrman.

Oh my GOD, I'm being attacked with questions and answering them all.. Anyone else got it like this?? lol lol

martinflury’s Profile PhotoMarty
maybe me i think , i'm totally gay


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