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if trump is friends with authoritarians why did he put tariffs on China?

Shhhh. you’re making a point and that’s prohibited 🚫

Would you do anything about a parking attendant calling you a b**** after you didn't follow his orders?

nah, I’m sure I deserved it 😈😂

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why do people cheat? it has happened several times and i dont know what im doing wrong

Many reasons for cheating. You cannot be responsible for their behaviors. Unfortunately it may require patience and maturity to find a partner that wants a monogamous relationship.

I take less showers. I eat only 2 meals a day. I put my air conditioner at 82 degrees and use 1 fan at night

Seems like this is still
“first world” so you’re doing alright :)

What does “keep it private” mean?

It means shout it from the roof top, tell everybody and post that shit on every social media site.

🚚 Have you ever owned an ice cream truck to disguise your illegal activity as a drug dealer?

Who hasn’t?

He keeps lying about his habits of looking up other girls. Do I continue the relationship ?

That’s a big -NO

Have you ever been cheated on when you were loyalty af to someone you loved?

Yes. Yes I have. It’s embarrassing af when you find out that you were giving the most and his friends knew. It’s the shitz

So the night before last, I had an interesting dream. I think the result of which was some fairly serious medication that was injected into my body whilst I was staying in hospital. And I just wanted to share it with you. It begins when a bunch of us were invited to the ASKFM holiday inn. Chapter 2

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Why were you hospitalized?

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Raspberries or blueberries?

I’m going to say raspberries except I love BOTH. depending on my mood or what I’m eating them with, I may choose blueberries over raspberries 😍


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