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What's the best encouragement you can give someone who's struggling with life, motivation, etc;?

Take a deep breath and take each day at a time.
If you struggle with motivation, then start by setting 'silly little' goals for yourself. Got up this morning? Check! Did the dishes tonight? Check! Little completed goals are encouraging. Now get more complex. Read a book? Cleaned the bathroom? Streamed on Twitch? Painted a picture? And then grow from there. Baby steps.
If you're struggling in life, then take the time to add something you enjoy to each day. If you're really busy with work and school then take a half hour to watch a show you enjoy. Go get a fancy coffee at a cafe if you can afford it. If you cannot find anything you enjoy, then you may need to speak with someone about that as it can be a sign of a real disorder like depression. There's no shame in therapy.

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How was your first love? ?

Actual REAL Love is such a confusing thing to talk about. I feel like there are so many levels of it. Like, when I was a younger girl, I had crushes and boys I liked. When I started dating I'd fall head over heels for certain guys and think they were my world until things went south. I was cheated on a fair bit too.
If you asked me in those moments if I felt some kind of love then I would have said yes. Asking me now, I'd say no. Since those relationships failed I'd say I was merely enthralled or passionately adored them. As a grown woman I feel like Love isn't something that can ever go away once it sticks. I know everyone's definition may differ but to me, if I can get over you then I didn't truly love you. I felt love for you but I was not in love with you.
My first true love? Working on it.

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I wasn't sure how to ask this delicately: Have you completely quit video making? Not meaning to pry if it's too personal

Nope. Just had a lot to go thru in my personal life and finding myself. I feel I'm almost there and have things in the works. I know everyone says that it seems but I really do mean it. I'm in such a better place now than I was this time last year. I'm really proud of myself...and I wish I could share more online but I cannot. Thank you for understanding and I didn't mind answering this at all. I appreciate you caring about it.

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