Stop the war!

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We are against war.
People are dying. Russians. Ukrainians. Soldiers. Civilians. Children.
The government says there is no war, just an operation. The government says things are under control.

Then why are there queues at the ATMs? Why has the ruble plunged? Why is Russia banned from the Football World Cup? Eurovision? F1? Why are all the European, US flights cancelled? Why are there protest meetings in Russian cities? Why is the media banned as soon as they call it war? Why aren’t Russian soldiers answering their families? Or if they do, they tell there is nasty war in Ukraine?

We think it is your right to know both sides of the story. And many of the questions above will get answered
Stop the war
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1. Why do you use
Options: As a time-filler // I look for friends or mates // Just used to it
2. How often do you use
Options: Every day // Once a month // When I get some answers // When I get push notifications // I don’t remember when was the last time
3. How much time do you spend on compared to other social media?
Options: Less than 10% // 10-30% // More than any other
4. Can you imagine life without
Options: Yes, easily // No, it’s a vital part of my life // It’d be unpleasant, but I’d find another network
5. When do you answer questions on
Options: Never // If it is a question from the person I want to interact with // If it is a direct question // Every time I see an interesting question
6. When do you ask questions on
Options: Never // If I want to get more followers // Every time I need a piece of advice // A day without a question is a wasted day

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Spring ASKfm update (for Android)

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Now you can add a photo to your question. 📸
Just upload an image when you write your question to people around or to friends.
Chatting in ASKfm is becoming even more interesting!
For now, the feature is available for Android users.
iOS and Desktop users stay tuned for alerts
How do you like the update?! 👇
Spring ASKfm update for Android

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Subscription is 7 nice bonuses.

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👉 1000 coins every week, profile upgrade, exclusive crown, promo for your account, private chats and no ads!
WHAT COULD BE BETTER?! This week only, an additional 8th bonus: a chance to win 20,000 coins.
Activate any subscription from April 26 to May 1 and already on the May 3 we will randomly choose the lucky one who will receive 20,000 coins.
The results will be on Instagram:
Subscription is 7 nice bonuses

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April 13th is the day of the benefactor! Our applause to everyone who helps people selflessly!

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ASKfm also has such Robin Hoods. They buy coins and often give them away to the most interesting posts.
1. From April 11 to April 14, buy any package of coins
2. Give some of the coins to other people
On April 15, we will randomly select someone who will receive a mention in our instagram account and we will double their purchased coins!
April 13th is the day of the benefactor Our applause to everyone who helps

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We believe questions and answers are the essential building blocks of conversation. There is not much left in Russia, where people can still communicate freely.

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Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, there were more 1.5M questions already sent, related to the events in Ukraine. Anonymous messaging opportunity allows people to express they opinion freely without fear of being imprisonment of up to 15 years.
We believe questions and answers are the essential building blocks of

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Let's celebrate today as a day of friendship! We want to find cool guys for whom we will do PR on our Instagram account for 84,000 users. Maybe you can become a star after this?

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To participate in the contest: buy any package of coins askfm://screen/earn from March 22 to 24 and make sure that your instagram nickname is written in your ASKfm account.
Already on March 25, we will randomly select 5 coins buyers in stories, whom we will mark in our post and introduce them to everyone! Ready for glory?!
Subscribe to not miss the results of the draw:
Lets celebrate today as a day of friendship We want to find cool guys for whom

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One of our first steps since the beginning of the war in Ukraine was to make sure that not a single dollar earned at won't be spent to support misinformation and Kremlin propaganda.

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We have already disabled any advertisement from all Russian publishers by now. None of our users won't see any ads served by Russian companies like Yandex and
One of our first steps since the beginning of the war in Ukraine was to make

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У війні проти України ми воюємо на інформаційному полі.

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Станом на зараз ASKfm вже надіслав користувачам по всьому світу майже 6 мільйонів електронних листів про реальні обставини в Україні. Надсилання триває, бо ми вважаємо, що правду неможливо приховати жодним блокуванням соціальних мереж.
У війні проти України ми воюємо на інформаційному полі

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