Neither distance, nor quarantine, nor weather will prevent us from telling you today: Happy Birthday, ASKERS!

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And now you know that it’s not robots at all that create new chips in the application, answer your support requests, send you the conditions of the VIP program for a week, and even the robot does not write this post! ?
We work for you every day, and we are extremely happy to read your feedback and thanks that you send us every day!
Thank you for being with us! ? And today you will find many, many updates, interesting stories and gifts!
Happy 10th birthday, ASKfm! ??
Neither distance nor quarantine nor weather will prevent us from telling you

Thank you for bringing this app to us !????

On the 10th birthday, @janisgrivins shared 10 tips that everyone should listen to! ?’s Video 162104741642 zvRqSDL-spE