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hi ask I feel so lonely ? I want to make friendship with one of you team can I ??

salma_simon’s Profile PhotoSalma Simon
We're sorry to hear that Salma. It's always best to have a friend IRL who you can chat with. We really encourage you to reach out to someone! ANYONE. If you feel as if you have no one to talk to, please let us know. Our team here would be happy to talk with you. We're happy to be friends with everyone who reaches out. For more information please visit our Safety Center. You can also visit ReachOut where you will find useful information on how to get through the tough times!

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Dude why'd you suspend my account? I legit did nothing :( I had so many questions and followers

rvleigh’s Profile Photoryleigh harris
Hello Ryleigh! Why did it take you a month to inform us of this? Our Customer Advocacy team can review the suspension of your account. Before you contact them, read our Rules of Conduct here: They're the 3rd bit of info on that page. If you really think you didn't violate any of those rules please get in touch with our Support Center!

Hello, is there any way you guys can delete my old account? I Haven't used, it's been a year now. I would delete it myself (if that's possible) but I forgot my password.I just really wanna delete.

There's nothing wrong with having two accounts - even if you can't log into one of them any longer. If you really want it to not exist, just use our Support Center to get in touch. Here's the link:

Why can't we change our usernames? If we could, it would be great, I think.

We understand you might not like your username anymore or just want to change it because you came up with a better one. At this point in time, our system doesn't offer that ability. It's a bit like creating a free email account. You can always create a new profile! Then just let your friends know to start using your new one. Just keep in mind that you can only have one account per email address.

Could we get an option to delete all remaining questions in our inbox?

On the desktop website, in your inbox, when you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, there is a link/option to "Delete all questions (1000)", which will remove up to 1,000 of the questions in your backlog at a time. It's not for all, but better than one at a time.


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