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if i create an account and i rather do not use a picture of me on it, am I being fake/violating your terms?

Generally not if you didn't use a picture of another known person or entities and make it look like you're impersonating them, or use a picture to purposely offend other users. If you just use a pic of grandma's pet tiger, you should be fine!! ??

i have an other account but i forgot its password n the email id is also not working currently so can u say how cn i get back to that account

harshlovesyou’s Profile PhotoHarsh Rathore
Well you seem to really have nothing to go by but for these kind of account issue, please contact our support team team directly to see if they help restore access:

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I have an idea - what if ask put in an option to hide question that have been like by the people we follow-as there's a lot of spam since liked question and "normal" questions (by people I follow)are in the same section -now what do you think of that

MichealCurran’s Profile Photomichealcurran
Sounds complicated but really what you're saying is you want to choose what appears on your wall. We dig it.

How do you get rid of someone you never want to see again? #reallife??

It's really depends on the situation but usually the truth can be quite effective. Tell them you don't enjoy being around them, you'll be social when it's by chance, but you otherwise don't want to spend time with them. Or if that's too insensitive just make it fairly clear by being short with them and avoid them/talk to others. Have your thoughtful reasons for why you're behaving that way ready when you get confronted.

Why there isn't a tracker for anonymous? Cause sometimes they bully you and that's kinda annoying,can you add a tracker please?

You can't identify anonymous users who ask you questions. If the questions are bothering you or violating our rules, please report them so we can take action. You can also block them from being able to send you any more questions.

You know what would be a great feature for an answer editor, that way you wouldn't need to delete then re answer it

That's in theory a good idea, but if anybody could change the answer anytime, then maybe somebody would constantly change their answers and confuse everyone who reads them. What if you liked an answer and realize later it changed to something different?

Why so many ads?

Sorry, if the experience around our ads has been weird lately. We're in the middle of a test for ad styles & types in newsfeed and other places. That means we continue to tweak, modify and play with these ads right now, so that soon they should all work, look & feel better. And with better ads, we can make a more awesome Ask. ???

Why don't you put a "select all" feature for sending questions , I'm following 500 people and every time I want to send a question I have to send it 10 times and select my friends one by one . it takes a long time to send the question for all of my friends . please do it ?

We used to have that function but removed it because it was causing spam issues.

Will android ever be able to upload videos?

We've answered this many times, but given the new feature on iPhone, totally understandable that you guys are curious: in short, it can be A LOT more complex to create new features on Android than iOS. Android runs on devices spread over hundreds of styles, manufacturers, sizes, many require different techniques. ?
In order for us to learn what is the best new stuff for Ask, we often use & launch with iOS because it's so much faster...
Well? Will we do it for Android?
Again, in short: maybe yes, maybe no ?. Not all features make it, but many do. We don't always decide right away and even if we do, we may not have the resources to launch right away. But if it's a great feature everybody uses and loves, chances are always good!
Make a little more sense? ?

Könnt ihr uns bitte auch zeigen, was wir falsch gemacht haben, wenn wir eine Ermahnung bekommen? Weil ich habe eine bekommen, weiß aber gerade nicht, was ich denn falsches geschrieben habe. Wäre sehr hilfreich! ☺

Das verstehen wir natürlich, ist aber nicht so einfach zu implementieren. Derzeit können wir das nicht anbieten aber hoffentlich in nächster Zukunft.

Anonymous removed for 24 hours? or it's just a gossip? ew , sorry for the question ... but I have this doubt and I want you to tell me if it's true or not, I hope not disturb.

It's just another silly rumor. We're not removing anonymous questions or revealing old anonymously asked questions, not on a specific date in July, and not on any other future dates.


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