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why is it bad to answer hate on ask I'm just wondering I saw you say this farther below and I'm just confused by it? thanks if you can help me understand this!! btw love this site

You shouldn't empower trolls by giving them attention. Imagine how many trolls everyone with lots of followers on any social network gets (like Kanye!). If you reply to them, you give them power to control the tone & topic of your account. You should define what you're talking about, not them.

You NEVER answer my questions. I guess you hate me. Well, you aren't the only one then

Somebody's cranky! Lighten up, sunshine! Can't answer every question. If you take a look at our answers from the past few weeks you see we get the same questions over and over, so we don't answer duplicates for a while. Others we can't answer publicly, and many we simply can't get to because there are too many. The key to happiness in life is to stay positive, be unique and stand out. Let go of the negative energy! ?

please dont make us see who follow us >< i dont follow some of my friends because they do things like "likes for likes" :((

Yeah, there are lots of issues around that, which is why we're not planning to do it. The problem is everybody wants to know their followers, but still doesn't want people they're following to know who they are (like their crush etc.). Can't have both! It's something that makes Ask unique.

Can you delete question you asked from the section that shows "answered questions" please answer I have struggled with this for a long long time please answer .

It's really not hard, same way you delete anything on your account. On the website, go to the notifications for your answered questions, click "View all answers", then you can delete each answer by clicking the X on the upper right (it only shows up while you hover over the answer, like in your inbox or on your profile). You can only do this on the website. Try a different browser if it doesn't show up for you.


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