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if police need information about users because some legal investigation you will give the information?

When we receive law enforcement requests, we do our best to help, including providing information to the extent we are allowed or required to by law. More on what data we collect is detailed in our Privacy Policy:

I accidently blocked someone who was anonymous and I do not know who it was. I wanna unblock the person but his question isn't visible in the blacklist.What do I do? Please help :(

If that person's question (which you blocked them from) doesn't show up in the blacklist, then you can't unblock them. It's possible that the account has been deactivated or suspended.

Hey can u guys make ask so that I can download it I have IOS 6 and I can't get it and I am sick of using the Internet to go on ask I just want to download it but I can't because I have IOS 6 can u guys fix that?

Sorry, we can't make the app compatible with a long outdated iOS version. If you can't update your iOS, the best option is to use our mobile website. It does almost everything the app does.

Post a few verified accounts, I haven't seen any other than yours.. And I want verified badge too

Well just a few examples in different languages. Remember we've only just started rolling out verification for accounts that are connected to verified Twitter, Facebook or VKontakte profiles.
Spanish: @TheMisterJagger @albertochimal
English: @xNotch
German: @JustCaan
French: @Ezra_vV @Siphano13
Latvian: @LietotajuDienasJautajumi
Japanese: @SEKITOVA
Korean: @twit_reva
Arabic: @HathoutH

Why don't you let us see who is following us... I really wanna know the people following me and I don't understand why we can't?

This has been discussed endlessly, trust me. Some of the reasons why following is anonymous: just like you maybe want to ask your crush a question anonymously, you would also only follow them if it was anonymous. Another reason is that if you knew your followers, you probably would have a god idea who is asking you questions, and that would ruin the anonymous questions. People always want to know their own followers, but do want to be anonymous following others!
Also, remember followers don't get any more access to your profile than anybody else, since profiles are public. It basically is just like bookmarking your profile to more easily read your answers. Maybe it's like people who follow a blog, the author also doesn't know the regular readers.


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