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Do you think it is inevitable that Blockchain will eventually become vulnerable to malicious/criminal action? Or is it perpetually impervious?

The potential of blockchain to become a disruptive technology has captured the
imagination of technologists—and now bankers—and continues to fuel the hype over
the possibilities for implementation across all industries. However, while blockchains
can potentially help simplify business transactions and make markets more efficient, it
is important to recognise that the technology is still evolving, some criminals actions still can appear—and in some cases, is a solution looking for problems to solve.
For those, who want to dive deeper, check this link:

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+1 answer in: “I saw your shoutout in which you ask about blockchain. I know nothing about it. Why do you ask about it? Can you tell me what is it or something else about this topic?”

I saw your shoutout in which you ask about blockchain. I know nothing about it. Why do you ask about it? Can you tell me what is it or something else about this topic?

The team of ASK.rm 2.0 going to use blockchain technologies on our new platform.
We would be glad to share useful information about crypto and blockchain with all our subscribers.
Coming back to Blockchain. It appeared in 1991. Originally it is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. They are linked and secured using cryptography.
To get to know more, check the link below:

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Something interesting?

Today we would like to share a podcast about digital humanism with you. In this episode, Jaron Lanier, a scientist, and writer is best known for his advocacy of humanism and sustainable economies in a digital era, tells about the idea that information should be free and distributed transparently. Jaron also shares his thoughts about the role of advertising in content creation and the social media issues that people face. Click here to find out more:

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Any news?

The ASKfm network is growing very fast, and now we are proud to introduce to you the ASQ Protocol.
Blockchain technology is allowing us to build a decentralized economy in a largely centralized society. Nowadays, the big media concerns are controlling сontent distribution and monetization. That’s why we face censorship and manipulation in content delivery and reward mechanisms for creators.
The ASQ Protocol is a part of the ASKfm network and provides a solution for building a decentralized content economy that empowers a solution to the ever growing amount of low-quality content and the consequent challenge to produce, share, discover, and consume one that is of high quality and genuine origin.
The ASQ Protocol will empower ASKfm 2.0 to provide an opportunity for content creators to be rewarded in an open and transparent way, while other users will be able to discover and engage with quality content using ASQ tokens. They will be issued to support the ASQ Protocol and will be accepted on the platforms which are included in the ASQ ecosystem. ASQ tokens will be used for different actions in all sections — regardless of where you have posted your content, they will be available on all partners' platforms of the ASQ Protocol.
The ASQ Protocol is a vital part of the ASKfm network, and as such it will contribute with 260 million registered users/21 million monthly active users' audience.
Learn more about the ASQ Protocol:
Take part in the decentralized content economy of ASKfm 2.0:

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How do I know that this project is not a scam?

"No worries! We are in the market since 2010. The companies’ financials are annually audited by BDO ( Europe Limited, Ireland) and Deloitte (SIA, Latvia).
During all these years, we have earned respect and trust from our dear customers from 168 countries. We don't stop developing and will continue pleasing our dear users! More to come! :)"

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And what exactly is the meaning of this social network? Not very clear. Just another ask?

ASKfm 2.0 is not equal with ASKfm. The new platform will bring together opinion leaders, celebrities, enthusiasts to build a knowledge-based economy with market rules and mechanisms. Everyone will be able to monetize their knowledge, get information from trusted sources and get paid for quality content.

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Does this mean askfm as it is will just be replaced? If the barrier to entry for the upcoming one is a bit much then I just don't know..

rhymes with stan
Сurrent ASKfm will be transformed to a broader product. ASKfm can be continued to be used for communication with those who matter to you, but we'll be adding additional sections of product where we will provide users with an access to internal content-value based economy where you can monetize your knowledge. Please stay tuned for the upcoming updates from us how it will technically work.

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What about Ask Tokens?

ASKT will be native cryptocurrency of the ASKfm platform. It will grant holders access to the internal economy of the platform. Any user will be able to get ASKT by answering questions. And then spend tokens on premium features inside of the platform and communication with celebrities, experts etc. Please stay tuned and we will be sharing info about it very soon!

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What is ASKfm 2.0 all about?

You feedback has always been very important to us. We are now going to prove it by using YOUR suggestions in improving ASKfm and making it an even better network for our amazing community.
So, here goes!
We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a token sale and moving to a blockchain platform that eventually will result in, as we call it, ASKfm 2.0 major upgrade.
Hold tight.
It is very important for us to inform you guys about what's happening, so here are few basic things to help you understand the insights and be aware of what we are doing right now.
First things first.
Changing the infrastructure will in no way change or alter the existing data. It will, however, be easier to access, easier to contribute to, and easier to share for you.
ASKfm 2.0 will offer more advanced, rewarding and diverse means of users' interaction within the community that is set to grow rapidly.
By “tokenizing” the platform, we will attract high profile users (what we call “power users”). Celebrities, influencers, athletes and other experts will have strong incentives to become a part of ASKfm by answering questions and participating in Q&As. We also want to give you an option to earn tokens for answering questions and a chance to spend them on asking questions to "power users" or on some cool upcoming premium features.
Tokens, you said?
Tokens (also known as cryptocurrency) are a form of decentralized and paperless money. In other words, tokens replace cash for online transactions and exchange of value.
Blockchain what?
Cryptocurrency is powered and managed by blockchain technology. Although it won't affect your experience when using the platform, it's a revolutionary and unique way to keep your data and tokens safe and sound. Basically, it runs "under the hood" and provides you with a wide variety of amazing technological advantages, unlike any other engine.
What is that ICO thingy you were talking about?
ICO is an abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering, it's a blockchain thing. In other words, it is sort of a crowdfunding that will finance our development of a new revolutionary platform. You can actually become an investor yourself and play your part in the first of a kind and the biggest platform transition to blockchain in the world.
And most importantly.
With the help of ICO we are planning to decrease or even remove ads from the platform and become one of a kind ad and subscription free social network.
More to come!
We are very excited about these new updates and really hope that you are going to enjoy them too.
As our team continues to move forward with this vision for the future, we will update you on more specific details of 2.0 development, new features, and improvements. It will take time but we are positive that we will succeed and give you a renovated favorite and amazing place to share your opinions, make new friends and monetize your knowledge.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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