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Moving on tips please :)

Cry it out 'til you can't anymore. Then get up, find a hobby. Start a blog, go out with friends basta busy yourself. It's important to feel the pain though. Grieve 'cos you have to. Then when you feel na 'shit, medyo parang tanga na ako sa kakaiyak kong 'to ah" (which I assure you, you'll feel once you've let it all out, doesnt matter if it takes you two days or two years) - paganda ka na, better yourself and do the things you've always wanted to do.

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What's the best highlighter formula for you? Powder, stick, liquid, or cream? (Wait... is there cream highlighter? Haha.)

Marielle O
Powder - Burberry Nude Radiance (hay grabe everytime I wear this, no fail 'wow, ganda ng skin mo', ganda ng blush mo','ganda ng foundation mo' compliments! They dont know it's the highlighter lang talaga)
Liquid - Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Tranquility (I've to double check). Not too shining shimmering, I can mix it with a super matte foundation to get a glowy finish.
Stick - parang I dont have. I've tried a mini Benefit Watt's Up and okay din siya :-)
Cream - MAC Luna! Used that one up and I didnt even know about 'highlighter' then. Pinapang-top ko lang sa powder blushes para di super flat matte tingnan. I think this is DC'd na though. But yes, there are cream highlighters!

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Do you plan to have another baby? Girl or boy? And when? :))

Yes but not anytime soon. Nakakapagod siya ha. I can't imagine taking care of a toddler and a newborn at the same time! Hands down to Moms na sunod sunod children. Selene has yaya but it's 80-20 - as in 80% of the time ako talaga nagaalaga. Bathe, change diaper, eat, etc. that 10% is when I'm blogging, cooking, doing laundry. Sometimes nga nandiyan pa siya sa tabi ko when I'm doing those!

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Do u put green concealer on your pimples? I have bad acnes lately and they said to put double layer of foundation but they're still visible! The Bobbi Brown serum works like wonders for you right? Thanks!

Yes the Bobbi Brown serum worked on me! The acne/blemishes it faded though are fairly recent ones, like less than 6months old.
I dont put green concealer on my pimples (so yes kita parin sila medyo). But my MUA friend says you should to completely cover them up. I use MAC studio finish concealer for my big pimples if kailangan talaga concealed sila.

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